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We at Mining & Industrial Labour Services Pty Ltd have used TIS for a period of 4 years and have found that their afterhours service and short notice service has been of the highest order. The TIS staff have been more than happy to help us out on numerous occasions.

Mr David G Hughes
Director Manager
Mining & Industrial Labour Services Pty Ltd

I can honestly state that Silver Lake Resources has enjoyed a professional relationship with TIS for our classified plant PRV’s certification. You have been very competitive with your knife gate valves supply and quality. TIS are also our preferred suppliers for SMC products, chillers and electrical contract labour.

Kevin Jones
Maintenance Superintendent.
Randalls Gold Project.

Since TIS has come on board as a vendor there service has been first class making themselves available at all times to help with scopes of work and repairing equipment we send offsite, their expertise and knowledge of the mining industry on supplying the right parts is something my company values we hope this continues for years to come we thank them for that.

Craig Thomas
Maintenance Planner
Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter
Nickel West - AMN

The service you provide to me at the nickel smelter is second to none, you make regular trips out to the smelter to see one of a number of planners, but still find the time to pop in and ask if I need any assistance.

You always keep me in the loop on how my enquiries are tracking, and you are very good to take to a problem we have in the plant, to be left alone to sort out what the problem is and what we need to rectify the issue.

It is a great advantage to myself to be able to get you on board with our issues , as it frees me up to continue on with what I need to do , knowing the issue you are looking into for me will be  short lived.

I would and have recommended your services to other planners/supervisors and other companies

Michael Howley
Maintenance Planner
BHP Billiton - Nickel West
Celebration Road, Kalgoorlie, WA, 6430

I have dealt with TIS Engineering for the past two years and found them to be a very reliable company. I have used them to conduct a PRV audit for site and purchase our PRV’s from them.

Jackson Wall
Maintenance Planner,
Agnew Mine


At Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital the Steam reticulation system forms an integral part of the day-to-day operations and is used for sterilization, cooking, heating and for laundry applications. Suppliers of components for our steam system are not readily available in Kalgoorlie and it was always a struggle to get parts for our system on time and at a reasonable price. Fortunately, I had a visit from the newly established division of TIS in Kalgoorlie. I learned that although not a stockist of steam parts that they could acquire and supply parts to us at a very reasonable price, which saved us thousands of dollars. I also liked the fact that TIS could provide us with valuable advice and assistance as well as other necessary services e.g. testing and validation of Pressure Relief Valves. TIS have now become the hospital’s main supplier of steam parts/components and being local assists us immensely when in need of information or advice.

I am really impressed with the customer service I receive from TIS and would recommend them to anyone who would like to make use of their wide range of services.

Deon Prinsloo
Maintenance Manager, Physical Resources Department
Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital